Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Burlesque Social Club @ Velvet

Last night brought the inaugural session of the Burlesque Social Club at Velvet! It was an intimate affair with Velvet owner, Michelle, Fuschia FoXXX, Piston Chambers, Kitty Baby, Sir Eddie Van Glam and myself. Two others, Karen and Autumn showed up later. It was simple, low-key, low-stress and a lot of fun. We got cozy on a comfy couch, sipped wine and PBR and munched on popcorn while watching Kitty’s pick, The Producers (the musical re-make with Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick).

The opinion at the end of the night was summed up by a unanimous, goofy grin, and considering the emotional state the event was intended to evoke, I would call the Club meeting a success. Fuschia, Michelle (and myself) are hoping that the club will take off, and grow. Velvet is ideal for intimate events but the unique atmosphere of the space channels energy in a positively intoxicating way. The more people we get together, the sweeter the buzz!

The meeting also provided a chance for some informal networking and for some industry education. Kitty Baby shared her connection with a burlesque Legend, Novita. We watched a clip of Novita’s very first burlesque number; a b&w film of a night club floor show. It was fascinating… and a little funny. Floor show chorus girls are rarely Follies caliber. Notvita however was splendid and I am thankful to Kitty for introducing me to a bit of burlesque history. Awesome!

So ladies and gents, let me just say that I hope you get a chance to attend the Burlesque Social Club. For now we are planning to go ahead and meet on a weekly basis (hosts' schedules and time permitting), and so the next opportunity you have is NEXT Monday night. I’m not sure what the film du jour will be but I bet there will be a couple of options! Whatever it is, it’s gonna be a lot of fun! (And I'm going to make cookies!)

Hope to see you at Velvet!

~ Fosse Jack

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