Friday, October 5, 2012

Sinner Saint Burlesque, "The Hot Seat"

First, Ladies and Gentlemen, I must apologize for my absence.  I feel as if I dropped off the face of the world a couple of months ago.  Life happens, or so they say, but it does feel good to be back!

For those who have read my blog before, it will come as no surprise that my first review in months is of a Sinner Saint Burlesque show.  Over the years I have had the opportunity to experience, and chronicle many of the adventures of this group of ladies.  I have seen members come and go, and I have witnessed the troupe grow from an alliance of individual performers into the solid performance entity they are becoming today.  That is to say, not only are the ladies of SSB, extremely talented as individuals, they are solid as an artistic team.  They have grown from individual elements to full on Captain Planet. (Yes I was a wee one in the 90s.) Their most recent show proves it.

At first glance “The Hot Seat” may throw you for a loop.  While SSB has long established a reputation for its themed shows, and this past year delved into the art of narrative driven shows, “The Hot Seat” takes these two to a new level.  This is an entire show built around a chair.  You read that correctly, “The Hot Seat” is an ecdysiastic spectacle built around a piece of furniture.  I had no idea what to expect, but having seen it I only wish I had done so earlier.  This review doesn’t give y’all much time to check it out, so read quick and get to The Noc Noc next Thursday (Oct 12th).

The narrative is spoken from the perspective of a humble burlesque prop, a curvy backed chair, painted silver and clearly marked by the SSB logo.  At the beginning the audience is told about how ‘The Chair’ was found and brought into the group to fulfill various needs of the Sinner Saints.  As the story progresses, we find out how the chair’s relationship with the troupe grew from humble prop, to coveted object, to confidant and sanctuary.  We see ‘The Chair’ become a safe place for the Ladies to find support, experiment artistically and live out their wildest fantasies.  We learn that the Chair is not just a simple piece of furniture, it is a “Hot Seat” that knows the Sinner Saints as intimately as any lover.

You might think that a story told from the perspective of a chair is a little odd, and at first glance you’d be right, but considering how many Pixar movies have told stories from the perspective of inanimate objects you should know that ‘odd’ often equates with artistic and entertainment gold.

Diva le Deviant, hostess and author of “The Hot Seat” gave voice to ‘the Chair’.  In her strongest piece of narrative hosting to date, Diva was through the show sympathetic and sexy, funny and clever, and believe it or not, adorably innocent.  Her commitment to the perspective of her character, kept her focused and the audience rapt.  Her jokes were cleverly executed and her attachment to the dancers ‘using her’ was clear and believable.  She did not simple tell us her story, she drew us in and allowed us to share it.

The Sinner Saints themselves brought some serious game to the table.  As was expected their acts revolved around, and used ‘the Chair’.  Each of the Ladies rocked at least one new piece, and the major group number was an amazing twist on one of their classic acts.  For those familiar with SSB material, “Meine Chair” will rock your world.

Lady Tatas provided both class and comedy.  In her first act she offered the audience a classic tease, and had the honor of being the first derriere to grace the ‘Hot Seat’.  Her second act was more of an actor’s monologue then a strip tease, but Tatas pulled it off where few could.  Have you ever seen a grown woman have an argument with a piece of furniture? Crazy great aunts, aside, you have to see this one.  Intel: Lady Tatas prefers her furniture butch.

SSB interns Nikola Teasela and Lotti Glitterati each shared their romances with the chair.  The latter, Ms. Glitterati showed that sometimes we only want something because everyone else does.  Usually, we want such things all to ourselves.  Lotti was beautiful in classic glamour, and while the chair may have slipped through her fingers in the end, she didn’t let the ‘one that got away’ faze her.  She’ll get what she wants eventually.  Nikola bore her soul, while on that chair.  She offered the audience a piece of what I call, “burlesque dramatique” a darker, more serious piece in which exposure is more important that titillation.  It was a risky choice, but she did it well.

Guest Artist Kylie Koyote stepped in to participate in the “poly-armchair-amory” (a Diva-ism, not original Fosse Jack!), and brought two of her signature pieces to the stage.  Her Flamenco inspired chair dance was the first.  I have seen this act before and I can happily say that Kylie never stops getting better!  It was a beautiful piece, and ‘the chair’ made for a very steady Latin Lover.  Her second act however, was the one that really got the crowd going.  From ‘imitation’ to ‘fellation’, Kylie made the audience pant.  This is why I’d like to dub her the “Diamond Dog” of Seattle.  (Seriously have you seen this girl drool over rhinestones? Ha!)

Finally, the senior star of SSB, Ms. Evilyn Sin Claire did not disappoint!  In both acts she made that chair work.  In the ‘Wild Child Tango’ she reveled in an abandon of passion and desperation.   Longing for forbidden love, all she could do was live out her fantasies in her mind, and on the chair.  Speaking of fantasies, Evilyn’s second act made me laugh and blush harder than anything I’ve seen in a long time.  Though short and sweet, the closing act of the show was as hot as a bolt of lightning.

If you haven’t gathered, “The Hot Seat” is a very strong show.  The individual acts are, across the board, solid and sexy.  The group acts blend classic SSB and the newer, more theatrical stylings the group has embraced.  The narrative is the strongest they have come up with, and the concept is one of the most unique I have seen.  I wish I had reviewed this earlier because I really think that every burlesque fan needs to see this.

Sinner Saint Burlesque performs every Thursday night at The Noc Noc, in Downtown Seattle.  ‘The Hot Seat’ runs for one more week, which means you have one more shot to see this romantic comedy about a group of girls and The Chair they share!

~ Fosse Jack

PS: Stayed tuned, I have been promised some inside information concerning SSB’s next run and you’ll get the preview here, on The Scarlet Curtain. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Upcoming Shows (July 2012)

Well Loves,

It looks like I'm off to a late start for July.  With a full week gone and a couple of fabulous shows already past, all I can say it move quick if any of the following piques your interests!

"Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic" by Sinner Saint Burlesque continues through July 26th at The Noc Noc.  This adaptation of an ancient Babylonian myth follows six mortal maidens on their journey of sexual enlightenment and their quest to awaken the goddess Ishtar.

"Teenybopper Times: A Burlesque Revue" is the Back Bar Beauties' summer show.  Celebrating "a few savory months of sunshine, teeny bikinis, slow-motion bounding down the beach and freshly minted graduates seeking an exciting new world."  The Beauties will be remebering by gone days of youthful abandon, summer time icons and more.  You will find them, and special guest host Anita Goodman, on Thursday July 12th (8pm & 10pm) at Sonya's Skyy Lounge in Belltown.

It has been called the "Summer of Nerdlesque".  It started last month with a Doctor Who themed cabaret, and will continue this month.  First with...

"Stark Naked: A Nerdlesque Tribute to A Game of Thrones" by Fauxdust Presents.  On Friday 13th, and Saturday 14th at Theatre Off Jackson you will be able to catch a myriad of Seattle ecdysiasts geeking out to the HBO hit based off of George R. Martin's novel A Game of Thrones.  Hosted by The Mad Marquis of Portaland (I really hope their is a 'flaming sword' involved), Stark Naked will "fuse contemporary pop culture and social commentary with the already over-the-top elements of high fantasy, through multimedia displays of burlesque, music and varietey" sound intrigue? Yes it does!
Get Tickets Here

"Mitzy's Ditzy Glitzy Variety Show...Returns!" produced by Mitzy Sixx at the ReBar on Saturday, July 14th! Once a staple of the Open Circle Theater's cache of entertainment, Mitzy Sixx is bringing back her Variety Show for a ONE NIGHT ONLY event at the ReBar.  Her show has been called a "confusing, sexy, hysterical romp with skin, music, dancing... and beat poetry?!"  Having performed with Mitzy's crew I can attest to the accuracy of that description. :-) Fun times at the ReBAR on July 14th.
Get Tickets Here

And back to the "Nerdlesque"! There is a lot of it going on!

"JOYstick: A nerdlesque tribute to video games!" a GeekGirlCon '12 fundraiser will be held on Friday 20th, and Saturday 21st at Theatre Off Jackson.  Hosted by Vandaium Silver "JOYstick! is a full-fledged dedicated to the gaming world. The performers are gamers of all types, ready to take -1 (or more) to their armor in what will surely be an epic evening."

GeekGirlCon is dedicated to celebrating female involvement in all fields of science and technology; comics, arts, and literature; game play and design.  GeekGirlCon '12 takes place August 11-12th at The Conference Center, Downtown Seattle.

Get Tickets Here

Personal Note: I am honored to be working with the cast of JOYstick, and excited that I am going to portray one of my favorite video game characters!

"Starving Artists on Parade" on July 16th will be celebrating its 1-Year Anniversary at The Noc Noc.  Producers Mandy and Trystan have booked a number of artists including musicians: Isis and the Ghost, and Zack Wheeler, there will be burlesque by Sailor St. Claire, bellydancing by Betty Fish, rope work by Twisted Monk and side show acts by host Twisted Trystan, and more.  This is a fun show, with access to local artistic vendors, dance music and of course the Noc Noc's signature drinks all for a low cover of $5!

"Belly Night Fever" by Fleurs d'Egypte Dance Company will be held at The Can Can on July 19th.  This evening of dance entertainment will include flashy disco themed music, Egyptian belly dance, fan dance, "disco belly" and Brazilian samba.
Check out The Can Can or E-Mail the Troupe

"ICONIC A Burlesque Review" by House of Gorejess asks the question "What does it take to be an Icon?" On Thursday, July 19th head to Julia's on Broadway to discover the answer as given by some of Seattle's most charming, tantalizing, and entertaining burlesque performers.

"Burlesque and the Body Electric" at the Rogue & Peasant in Fremont on July 20th is a benefit of King County Libraries and is held in memory of sci-fi author Ray Bradbury.  Burlesque for books?! Yes please!
Tickets and Information!

"Hussies on Howell Street" is brought to you by Midnight Menagerie.  On July 20th at The ReBar local and visiting burlesque artists will explore the adage that "well behaved women rarely make history".  You will find The Divine Jewels and Crystal Explosion from Spokane, and Sophie Maltease from Portland!  Hosted by that Glamorous Gal with the Golden Gullet, Ms. Gams Galore it is going to be an historical night of brazen women, mischievous maids, and impudent girls!
Tickets Here

"Gears, Pasties, and Other Curios" a Purple Devil Production, will be a "stroll down the cobble stone streets of a history that never was".  On July 21st, at The Rendezvous/Jewelbox Theater you will have an opportunity to visit a Steampunk Curio Shoppe in glittery burlesque fashion.
Tickets Here

"The Summer SOULstice Show" by Gritty City Sirens is for any burlesque fans alive and well in Tacoma! On July 21st, and The Deltan Club, the Sirens with guest artists, Boom Boom La Roux, and The Luminous Pariah will be moving to "the smooth sounds of the 60's and early 70's"  The Sirens are donating a portion of the proceeds to a fund for local soldiers suffering with PTSD.

"The Westside Burlesque Revue" is a monthly cabaret produced by Whisper De Corvo at The Skylark in West Seattle.  Here "the talents of Whisper De Corvo and Mr. Bawdy are joined by a rotation of local burlesque, cabaret, and variety performers, and cleaned up by Huney Bush."
Tickets Here

One last event of note happening this month in Seattle is "Pink Light Burlesque" a series of classes offered for free to breast cancer patients and survivors.  Held in honor of Jennie Lee, the original contributor and visionary of the Burlesque Hall of Fame (and who succumbed to breast cancer), these classes have been very successful in New York and are now coming to Seattle via The Academy of Burlesque!  Classes will be held on July 14th, 21st, and 28th as well as August 4th.
More Information!

~ Fosse Jack

If you would like to list your shows for August on The Scarlet Curtain, send your info to Fosse Jack by Friday, July 27th.

Post Script!

Looking forward please allow me to add this show to your radar as well.

Jacqueline Hyde Presents ~ "A Burlesque Affair to Remember" will be held at the ReBar on August 1st.  "The Bicoastal Bad Ass Jacqueline Hyde, brings to Seattle a fantastic production of burlesque... End your Summer right and make it a Burlesque Affair to Remember..."
More Information! and Tickets Here!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Starving Artists, Scissor Sisters, and SEAF

Wow this has been a crazy and full week!  It started with Starving Artists on Parade on Monday at The Noc Noc.  I had the opportunity to perform at this side show type cabaret, hosted by the delightful Twisted Trystan, a local side-show performer who happened to catch my act at another show a couple of months ago.  Trystan runs Starving Artists on the Third Monday Night of each month, bringing together vendors, burlesque performers, dancers, circus artists, and musicians to create a fun dive back into the weekend at the start of the week.

It was a pleasure to performer on the Noc Noc's stage once more, and fun to see the sort of crowd that comes out on a Monday night!  I was honored to share the stage with Trystan himself, as well as The Scandal from Bohemia, Mai Li Pittard, Betty Fish, Cubs McGee, and Ursula Major.  I wasn't able to stay till the end (ah, balancing a performing career with a day job!) but I understand things go pretty intense after I left.  I heard things about beds of nails, screw guns, and elaborately made up drag queens suspended by hooks from the ceiling!  Wow!  The show is a different each month but it seems like its solid entertainment and the Noc Noc always pours strong drinks, so I think folks to check it out next month!

On Tuesday night I had the awesome opportunity to attend The Scissor Sisters' concert at The Paramount.  I love this band and have been talking about wanting to see them for weeks when low and behold one of my buddies said that he had bought two extra tickets thinking there was someone in his circle who wanted to see them, and then remembered it was me!  Sweet!

For those of you who don't know lead singer, Jake Shears is a Seattle-native, and I hope he enjoyed his visit home.  Ana Matronic, a native of Portland, of course got to poke fun at the sibling rivalry between our two cities.

The crowd that came out to see them were a bit tamer than I was hoping, but such is a Tuesday night in Seattle, I suppose. Still the Sisters rocked the evening like a big pre-ki for Seattle PRIDE! Let's Have a Kiki, Keep Your Shoes On and Only the Horses from their newest album were definite favorites (I NEED this album!) but it was a couple of their oldies like Take Your Mama Out, and I Don't Feel Like Dancin were the crowd sing-a-longs.

The Paramount floor was hot, sweaty and crowded but it was a lot of fun and I am super glad to have experienced it.  The Sisters are a fun show, and even though he didn't take his pants off, Jakes Shears is as sexy on stage as he is in all of those nearly naked photos he tweets.  He rocked the dance floor all night, and even though he was looking a little winded by the end, he gave the encore his all.  Awesome.  Their newest album Magic Hour is out, and I believe available on iTunes.  Check them out!

The other major event I had the opportunity to participate in was the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival at The Fremont Studios.  This year marked 10 years of SEAF's celebration of Love and Lust, and it was a blast.  I had the opportunity to perform on the Mainstage, as a Stage Pup and as part of Waxie Moon's finale piece.  The opportunity to share the stage (and dressing room!) with super stars like Waxie Moon, Miss Indigo Blue, Tigger, The Shanghai Pearl, Tamara the Trapeze Lady, and everyone else was a true honor.

The show itself, hosted by Armitage Shanks, was a pretty stellar piece of erotic entertainment.  We had music by The Wet Spots (creators of SHINE!), aerial work, seductive strip tease, a guy wedding a dildo, a mild mannered nurse who become Wonder Woman by night, an auto-erotic experience while cleaning the tub, pole dancing, acrobatic bounding, boys in very little on their hands and knees, and bukkake, and we tied it all up with a rousing anthem the of sexual-spiritual kind.  Both nights I walked home glowing and thanking God that I was born a sexual creature.

As for the remainder of the festival, I had a lot of fun wandering the halls before the show began.  Artwork depicting everything from a clown emerging from a vagina and climbing a massive phallus, to photos of a dazzling array of sexual positions, a history of homo-erotic photography from the 1950s on, a chia-pet vagina, and paintings both bizarre, and beautiful.  There were demonstrations of bondage, strip tease, and other erotic arts, and performances including suspension, body painting, and a rather beautiful piece of sensuality performed by the ladies of Sinner Saint Burlesque.  There were clowns, masters and slaves, guys in drag, and women in leather, masks, and lots of skin.  It was a lot to take in, so to speak, but it was pretty awesome.  If you didn't get to go this year, I would encourage you to check it out next year!

As for today, Pride, well wouldn't you know it, I had to work and I work again tomorrow so no play for me.  Still the I've seen picture of the parade and I know there is a lot going on tonight.  So when people read this tomorrow, or in the days to come, know that I am excited to year your PRIDE experiences this year!

It doesn't matter if you are gay or straight, lesbian or bisexual, transgendered, transvestite, mono, poly, vanilla, kinky, or anything... take PRIDE in who you love and how you love them.

~ Fosse Jack

Saturday, June 9, 2012

"Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic"

Sinner Saint Burlesque’s newest show, “Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic” is one helluva spell. While opening night was not without a few kinks, the over all effects of SSB’s sensual enchantments were strongly and positively felt.

The narrative of this piece follows the individual journeys of six mortal women in their quest to instigate the return of the goddess Ishtar to Earth.  Ishtar, the Babylonian goddess of love, fertility, sex and war has fled to the Underworld in response to the ‘war on women’ agitated by 2012’s loud mouthed sexists in politics.  As a result lust has faded from the world, and with it the drive to propagate has diminished. The world itself stands on the brink of ruin, and the return of Ishtar is the only remedy against the extinction of life.

The story is a clever, if not so subtle piece of social commentary that draws on elements of ancient mythology to make a point.  The classical Ishtar was a powerful and important deity.  As a fertility goddess she was necessary to everyday life, she represented beauty, strength, and vitality, and the story of her descent into the Underworld is one of the most important and famous myths about her. She was also dangerous, as much daemon and deity, and other ancients myths tell of the ruin that came to the men that loved her. Even mighty warriors and fellow gods, lost virility and strength after tasting her love.  She was both loved and feared because she represented the strength, and aggression of women.

Considering the recent political movement against women’s rights, Ishtar is an appropriate icon.  But enough of that… it is not the intent of this article to analyze the politics of the show.  Just be aware that they are there.

While the Sinner Saints has been known for their thematic shows (Animalia being my favorite) this venture into story-based shows is still fairly new.  BSSM is only the second of their new narratives, but the Ladies have honed their theatrical chops since their first run earlier this spring.  BSSM is a strong story, and a more cohesive show.  The benefit of a narrative based show is that cohesion.  It allows an audience member a sense of total immersion.  Conversely, if an act doesn’t quite fit it sticks out a little bit more.  Over all, the acts in BSSM fit rather nicely.  That being said, don’t analyze too much.  A few cultural/geographic references used as introductory material seem out of place, or mismatched with the acts.  These did not take away from the show or individual performances, but for me at least, momentarily dispelled the suspension of disbelief.

BSSM features four of Sinner Saint’s Principles; Evilyn Sin Claire, Dona de Couri, Lady Tatas, and Polly Wood; as well as two new interns, Lotti Glitterati and Nikola Teasela.  Host Dive le Deviant serves in the role of Ishtar, and much to my pleasure the Sweethearts (Briq House and Penelope Rose) are as much a part of the storyline and show as the rest.  (Way to give props to the ‘hardest working girls in show business”!) 

With 6 solo artists, Seattle’s “Bitch in Charge” and the lovely Sweethearts all sharing the stage, there is a LOT of girl power rocking The Noc Noc this run.  The individual performances are all solid, and while opening night had a few costume glitches, and some difficulty with a hanging prop (keep your props simple to rig folks!), the ladies of SSB handled it all like pros. 

The highlights of the show, however, are the group acts.  That’s right, it’s plural!  While SSB has long performed group finales, the addition of an opening group act really gives this show a sexy kick-start!  Would Wicked be nearly as spectacular without its opening number?  How about a classic like Guys and Dolls, or contemporary burlesque shows like Land of the Sweets?  The opening of the show is what hooks the audience, and this show has a great hook!

So Ladies and Gentlemen, if you like stories about love goddesses being seduced into returning to Earth from the Underworld, revel in watching mortals find sexual enlightenment, or just happen to be a fan of T&A, Sinner Saint Burlesque’s “Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic” is right up your alley.  For you burlesque aficionados, BSSM has a bit of classic, a bit of neo, a spoonful of theatricality, a pinch of punk rock and a healthy dose of raw, in your face sexuality.  I said it before, it’s one helluva of spell, and the Sinner Saints cast it well.

You can catch Sinner Saint Burlesque every Thursday night at The Noc Noc in Downtown Seattle, and I suggest you do!  “Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic” will run through July 26th! More information at:

~ Fosse Jack

Monday, June 4, 2012

Upcoming Shows (June 2012)

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, it's that time again! That is, it's time to get the skinny on what all is going on in Seattle's Burlesque and Cabaret Scenes.  Here is my list!
This first event on my list is a labor of Love.  You may or may not be aware but Seattle lost two long time members of its performance art community in last week’s tragic shooting at Café Racer; Drew Keriakedes and Joe Albanese.  I did not know these gentlemen myself, but many of my dear friends and artistic comrades did. As easy as it would be to give into despair over the shooting and loss, it is so much more important to take heart and cheer on the community as they pull together to put on this first show.

Thursday 7th, “IT’S BEEN GOOD TA KNOW YA! A Benefit for Café Racer Victim’s Family Fund at The Neptune
A Concert, Sing-a-long and Celebration of the lives of our dearly departed, featuring members of Circus Contraption, God's Favorite Beefcake and many, many, more!
8pm ($15 donation)

Help us celebrate the lives of our dear friends with music and dance, while helping the victims' families with financial assistance.  Proceeds will directly benefit the families of the victims, the surviving victim, spouses left behind, and Cafe Racer.  Money left over will be used to create a living memorial for the victims and scholarships in their name.
Event Page -

The fan boy I am is excited to announce Sinner Saint Burlesque’s newest show will also launch this Thursday!  SSB performs every Thursday night at The Noc Noc, and are Seattle’s longest running weekly revue.  Here are the deets:

Thursday 7th (and every Thursday Night), “Blood Sugar Sex Magic” at The Noc Noc
Sinner Saint Burlesque presents a narrative-cabaret experience that travels you along the path of six mortal maidens in pursuit of sexual enlightenment, and allows you to behold as they transform into supernatural sex-goddesses before your very eyes.
Supremely hosted by Diva le Déviant and starring the supernatural sensations Doña Dei Cuori, Evilyn Sin Claire, Lady Tatas, and Polly Wood. Also featuring the otherworldly talents of Lotti Glitterati, Nikola Tease-La, and the Sinner Saint Sweethearts.

Doors 9pm, show 9:30; Tickets $15
To reserve seats email

Friday 8th, “The Sexiest Catch: An Undersea Adventure” at The Jewelbox
The Tempting Tarts Presents “The Sexiest Catch”. Get ready to set sail on the S.S. Tart as we take you on a nautical adventure through the glittery waters of burlesque! It's gonna be a magical, rainbow-colored journey through the sea! What will be the catch of the day!?

Back in January I started hosting a monthly cabaret at The Can Can.  For one night a month I get to channel Joel Grey, tell stories, and take people on a journey into a dark and hazy world.  It’s a blast and I’d love to see you there sometime!

Sunday 10th, “The Sound and Smoke Cabaret” at The Can Can
Return to an era of decadence and debauchery, as our little band of misfits explore the pre-WWII German Cabaret Er...a once again! New acts, some new performers and a perfect way to end your weekend and get home early on a Sunday night!

Ladies and Gentlemen, an era is coming to an end this month! Cabaret Scene Celebrity Anita Goodman has been hosting her variety show at The Rendezvous for years, and this month will mark her last production there.  Where is she going from here?  Knowing this “crazy (like a fox) blonde bombshell” it could be anywhere!

Thursday 14th, “The Anita Goodman Experience Season Finale” at The Jewelbox
The Anita Goodmann Experience returns for its final appearance at the Rendezvous Jewel Box Theater at 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 14, 2012 . The Rendezvous is located at 2322 2nd Ave in Seattle’s Belltown Neighborhood. Tickets are $10 and available at the door.

Shameless plug alert!  You should come see me in this next event…

Monday 18th, “Starving Artists on Parade” at The Noc Noc
Starving Artist on Parade is a variety night of true proportions. We look all over the Seattle area looking for up and coming talent here in Seattle. Every third Monday at the Noc Noc you can come and see the very best of what Seattle has to offer, live music, burlesque, bellydancing, magic, mayhem and more!! Each month we provide a wide gamut of talent from performers to vendors; eight performers, four vendors, all for the low price of only $5!!!

Tuesday 19th, “Tuesday Tease: An Evening of Burlesque with Live Accompaniment” at The LUCID
Tuesday tease is Seattle’s only bi-monthly burlesque revue with live musical accompaniment!  The show brings together the musical styliens of the Lurid Spectacles (Meg van Huygen, Tyson Lynn, Jono Green, Jeff Myers and Jen Nelson) and a rotating cast of Seattle’s best burlesque artists to create an evening of eye-popping and toe-tapping entertainment.  Tuesday Tease takes place at LUCID in the U District on the 3rd Tuesdays of the month, in April, June, August, October and December.
Hosted by Sailor St. Claire, June’s show features burlesque by Sir Eddie Van Glam, Lola Lockeheart, and Bitsy Rini!

Okay this one isn’t a burlesque show, exactly, but there will be a lot of ‘showing’ going on, including some burlesque, and just a whole lot of interesting, sexy, and just plain weird stuff. J  If you like burlesque, or happen to be a fan of sex in any or all of its many varieties, it’s worth looking into!

Thursday 21st, Friday 22nd, & Saturday 23rdSeattle Erotic Arts Festival
Enjoy an immersive experience of world-class visual art, erotic short films, glittering performances, captivating literary art, interactive installations, vibrant after-parties, enlightening lectures and workshops, a wildly popular Festival Store, and so much more.

I have had the great fortune of lending my talents as an emcee to this quirky &  macabaret (I’m coining that phrase, but feel free to use it!).  The Blackmoor Travelling Picture Show is like The Addams Family crossed with an Old World Troupe of Minstrels, and maybe the B-52s.  Fun right?  You should check it out!

Thursday 28th, “The Blackmoor Revue” at The Can Can
Join the Blackmoor Travelling Picture Show as they present a wild cabaret of twisted performance and music. Featuring new material and some very special friends, each show will be a unique event you won't wanna miss!

Thursday 28th, “Westside Burlesque Revue” at The Skylark
For those of your on the Westside, here is an opportunity for some ecdysiastic entertainment.  The 4th Thursday of every month bring the Westside Burlesque Revue at The Skylark Café.  Producer Whisper De Corvo imports artists from across the water (well the bridge at least) to put on this show.
Intimate, fun, and affordable, this show is a great night out for you West Seattlelites!

Calling all Seattle geeks, nerds, sci-fi fans and anglophiles, this next show is meant for you!  Ever wonder what happens inside that blue box? Some of Seattle’s geekiest burlesquers are coming together (snerk) to share their TARDIS inspired fantasies with you.  The Doctor is in… but which of his Companions is receiving?  Is it Rose Tyler or Sarah Jane Smith? Maybe Donna Noble (nah, they’re just mates!)? What about pan-sexual Jack Harkness, or the incorrigable River Song?  It might not look it from the outside, but behind the blue door there is room for them all!

Friday 29th & Saturday 30th, “Behind the Blue Door” at The Annex Theatre
Behind The Blue Door: A Dr. Who-inspired Cabaret is our sexy, silly take on the Whoniverse. Join us for an evening of burlesque, dance and more as we shimmy, shake, tease, and twirl our way across time and space with the help of a tarted-up TARDIS. With eleven Doctors, multiple companions, several spin-off shows, and an entire universe to explore anything can happen!

As you can see there is a LOT going on this month, and there are even more awesome opportunities coming up later on in the summer, so stay tuned! I'll be keeping you tuned in!

~ Fosse Jack

Want a personal recommendation? Send me an e-mail or look me up on Facebook.  I’d be happy to chat with you help you pick your ‘ideal show.’

Are you a performer or producer in the Seattle community and have a show coming up later this summer? Send me the details and I’d be happy to pass them on.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Upcoming Shows (May 2012)

Hello Darlings,

Well the first of my little 'newsletters' went out today.  I'll be keeping my notes in the letter, to the letter, but I thought I'd post this listing of upcoming events!  There is a lot more of course happening in Seattle this month, but this is a great starting point!


May 3rd, “Fringe & Feathers” @ The Rendezvous: Produced by Miss Kitty Baby, this show is part of the Burlesque Hall of Fame Legends Challenge Fundraiser (see below!) Fringe & Feathers honors and is honored by Living Legend, Di Alba!

May 3rd & 5th, “May Flowers” @ The Mars Bar; An Unnatural Redhead Production, celebrating spring

May 5th, “Bullets and Dames” @ The Rendezvous; A film noir, pulp fiction themed revue by Purple Devil Productions

May 13th, “The Sound and Smoke Cabaret” @ The Can Can; A monthly, Weimar Era Style Cabaret, hosted by yours truly, Fosse Jack and featuring the talents of Troupe Hipnotica, JP Fierce, Cherry Manhattan and more!

May 16th, “Midnight Menagerie” @ The Rendezvous: This show is also part of the Burlesque Hall of Fame Legends Challenge!

May 18th, “rePRODUCTION" @ West Hall; Hosted by Paula the Swedish Housewife, and featuring some of Seattle’s sexiest performers, this fundraiser for NARAL Pro-Choic Washington PAC, is a fantastic opportunity for you to show solidarity with Women and Women’s Rights!

May 18th, “Boom Boom L’Roux’s Late Night Revue! @ The Triple Door: Explore some of Seattle’s most exciting performers in this show of true variété! The show will feature Lydia DeCarllo, aerialist, Gale Force, EmpeROAR Fabulous!!! and The Shanghai Pearl, with host Kaleb Kerr!

May 23rd, “Boys! Bois! Boyz!” @ The Rebar; Brought to you by Jack & Wood Productions and Sir Eddie Van Glam, this celebration of Seattle boylesque will feature the talents of Fosse Jack, Sir Eddie Van Glam, Sir Andrew Stallion, Benjamin Weston, and the incomparable Waxie Moon! Hosted by Flirty Sanchez. (More info soon!!!)

May 24th, “The Blackmoor Revue” @ The Can Can; The Blackmoor Traveling Picture Show presents a wild cabaret of twisted performance and music! The Blackmoor Traveling Picture Show is a troupe of ‘haunt couture’ musicians, who present their own macabre take on Americana and Old World Cabaret, and feature the talent of their favorite local artists.

Ongoing Events
May 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th & 31st “Sinner Saint Burlesque” @ The Noc Noc: Every Thursday night you have the chance to catch one of Seattle’s longest running burlesque troupes!


If you have any upcoming shows you would like to add to my future lists, or would like to receive my monthly updates via e-mail, please feel free to send me your info!  You can reach me at

~ Fosse Jack

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Boyz Are Back!

Coming to the REBAR on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012, Jack & Wood Productions and Sir Eddie Van Glam will bring you the return of:

Boys! Bois! Boyz! 
A Boylesk Revue

This installment of Boyz! will include Fosse Jack, Sir Eddie Van Glam, and newcomer to the boylesque stage Sir Andrew Stallion and will be hosted by comediene and burlesque artist, Flirty Sanchez!  Furthermore we are thrilled beyond words to announce that Seattle's own, "international gender-blending queer lady boylesque performance-art stripping sensation", Miss/ter Waxie Moon will be joining us!

Boys! Bois! Boyz! is set to open its doors at 7:30pm on Wednesday, May 23rd, and set the show rolling at 8:00pm.  General Admission will be $12 at the Door, with VIP tickets going on-sale (online only) starting Wednesday, May 9th.

More information to come, so stay tuned!

~ Fosse Jack

Note from the Producers:
We are currently looking for a couple of performers to round out our cast list, and if you are interested please feel free to contact  Male, female, transgender, it doesn't matter, we are happy to celebrate all aspects of boydom!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Boom Boom L'Roux's Late Night Revue 4/20

This past Friday night saw the second of three late night burlesque variatae shows occurring this spring at The Triple Door.

Boom Boom L’Roux’s Late Night Revue was hosted by local personality Vincent Drambuie, and featured the talents of the producer, Miss Boom Boom L’Roux, herself, Canadian transplant Lola Lockheart, the fearless, Jenny Penny, Emerald City burlesquers Persephone Illyri, and The Luminous Pariah, and the one and only ‘Yodeling Dominatrix’, Manuela Horn.

The Luminous Pariah and Manuela Horn were the high points of the show.  As a long time Luminous fan, it was a pleasure to see him on the big stage again.  Some artists really shine when they have the space to fill and the freedom to move and he is definitely among them.  Also I burlesque narrated by David Attenborough may be my favorite thing ever.  It was my first time seeing the yodeling dominatrix (well on stage), after hearing about her from other artists and her appearance on America’s Got Talent, and seeing an impromptu song and spanking at a friend’s birthday party.  I was super excited for this opportunity, and the sexy, graceful giantess that she is by no means failed to impress.  'Highway to Yodel' may also be one of my favorite things.
Aside: The Luminous Pariah can be caught around town, but next week leaves for a two month tour with his troupe Mod Carousel.  The foursome (which includes The Original Twins, Paris and Trojan, and the Incomparable Leeni) will be stopping in New York and then jetting across the pond to tour Europe.  Manuela can be found as a regular performer at Teatro Zinzanni.  Both can be found on Facebook, and I think you should look them up.

As a host, Vincent Drambuie’s material is tried and well used.  His approach to hosting is a blending Bob Hope style stand-up comedy and unabashed lasciviousness.  His jokes aren’t particularly funny, a fact that he is unashamedly self-referential about, but his commitment to the material and genuine appreciation of the artists he works with, is what makes him good at what he does.

Persephone Illyri’s performances were very pretty, though the material of her second piece was a little confusing.  I loved the dress, the song, the rocking horse, and even the knife play but didn’t understand how they fit together.  Lola Lockheart’s first act was simple and cute, though I think she would benefit from a slightly heftier boa, size does matter when burlesque props are considered. It is all about finding what size works for you! Also, I don’t want to be harsh, but I do need to say, I felt that her vocal selection in act two was ill picked.  It’s a fun song and if you nail it can be show stopper, but it kind felt like she was the nail and the song the hammer.

Jenny Penny’s acrobatic number with performance partner… I didn’t catch his name, was a great take on a classic, old fashioned routine.  They took material that I have seen done at ‘full speed’ and slowed it way down.  You got to see the mechanics of each trick, which was cool, and with the music choice, the routine became sexy.  A simple decision but one I haven’t seen often.  Her fire act was fun, but didn’t quite fill the space.  I would have loved to see her take advantage of the big stage.

As for Boom Boom herself, her style of performance is straightforward tease (at least this selection).  Her contact with the audience is excellent, and she draws things out, going through movements slowly and sensually.  Confident and congenial, Boom Boom L’Roux is a pleasure to watch perform.

All acts considered, this was not the strongest lineup that I have seen at The Triple Door, but it was a promising one.  Boom Boom L’Roux has only recently moved into producing shows on this scale.  With time and a little more practice I believe she will grow into the big stage, and that time may come soon!  Her May lineup is promising and includes: blues artist Lydia Decarllo, the Exposing Composer, EmpeROAR Fabulous!!!, and The Temptress of Taipei, the Shanghai Pearl.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I want to encourage you to check out the third and final (for this season at least) production of Boom Boom L’Roux’s Late Night Revue, which will take place on Friday, May 18th, show at 11:30 (21+), doors open at 11:00pm.  Tickets are not available yet, but should go online within the next week or two.  Until then check out the performers I’ve listed above, see what you’ve missed and how to take advantage of others opportunities.  You can find Boom Boom L’Roux on Facebook, and Twitter @BoomBoomLRoux.

Oh, a tip concerning The Triple Door.  Be prepared to wait.  Things rarely start on time at this otherwise splendid Downtown venue.  The serving staff is friendly and responsive, and the shows are worth seeing but unless you actually like the band playing the Musicquarium, standing in line for 30-40 minutes can be somewhat painful.  Just my opinion but I figured I’d share it.

~ Fosse Jack

Friday, April 6, 2012

Behind the Pasties: A Burlesque Mockumentary

For the next five weeks you have the opportunity to experience an artistic experiment as conceived by Seattle’s longest running weekly burlesque revue.  Sinner Saint Burlesque, at The Noc Noc, is branching out, theatrically speaking, with a new, entertaining and highly promising show.

Behind the Pasties: A Burlesque Mockumentary gives the audience a peak behind the scenes of Sinner Saint Burlesque.  Host Diva le Deviant dialogues with the audience and with ‘BQ1 interviewer’ Aman, the Chocolate Boy-Wonder, about the history, pre-show rituals, inner secrets and foibles of this troupe of glittering artists.

The audience is told the tale of how Evilyn Sin Claire became known as ‘The Wild Child.’ We are shown how Dona De Couri overcame her insecurities, and like in the story of the ugly duckling, discovered her own beauty, and glamour.  We learn a bit about the secret kinks of the Debutante of Derriere, Lady TaTas, and are made privy to the hard work and the various trials that burlesque artists undertake in training, glamorizing and making their onstage personas… stick.  And for last night's audience, we were given a "where is she now" look at one of SSB's former Sweet Hearts, the 'Martha Graham of Hip Hop', Randi Rascal.

On the surface, Behind the Pasties is standard fare for those who have become accustomed to Sinner Saint’s work.  The individual performances are well executed, sexy, fun and appropriately rhinestoned.  Diva le Deviant is her usual, “Bitch in Charge” self, full of biting wit, and good-natured, over-sexed humor.  Fellow performers, and those intimately connected to burlesque artists will be rewarded with some humorously acted inside jokes, and asides.  In fact the addition of comedic tableaus and mini sketches were my favorite parts of the show.

The emcee-interviewer dialogue added depth to the audience experience, as did, the participation of audience members in a ‘love poem’ from SSB to their fans.  These together with Diva's 'motherly' and affectionate overtures to the audience gave the show the feel of Roxie’s parting line from Chicago, “Thank you, we could not have done it without you!”

Look a little closer, and you might find that ‘Behind the Pasties’ is not yet a finished product.  It is an experiment, or test run, a first draft of something really awesome in the making.  While it is a fun and entertaining show in its current state, it is my hope that the ladies of Sinner Saint Burlesque will continue to develop this show.  I would love to see more history (or comedic pseudo-history), more group sketch work, and eventually I would love to hear the individual voices of the Sinner Saints themselves.

I would encourage Seattle burlesque fans, and fellow performers, to check this show out.  Sinner Saint Burlesque is an ongoing part of Seattle burlesque history. It is due to both the hard work and dedication of the artists, and the love of viewers like you that theirs is a story of success.

Sinner Saint Burlesque performs every Thursday night at The Noc Noc, in Downtown Seattle. Behind the Pasties will run for another five weeks.  For more information you can check them out at  As a self-declared SSB fanboy, I don't ask you take my word for it, but I do ask you to see for yourself.

~ Fosse Jack

Friday, February 3, 2012

Grab Bag! A Burlesque Revue

Tonight a new producer has made her mark on the ever growing Seattle Burlesque Scene.  Miss Scarlett O’Hairdye, a graduate of the Academy of Burlesque and a founding member of the Sass Boom Bang Burlesque Troupe has launched Unnatural Redhead Productions with Grab Bag! A Burlesque Revue.

Typically the term ‘grab bag’ is one laden with mixed connotations, but the show this evening was pretty solid all around.  The evening had elements of glamour, comedy, seduction, and more with the comic styling of Jenny Sayquah tying things together.

From experienced burlesquers Iva Handfull, Whisper De Corvo and Mitzy Sixx to some of Seattle’s newer talent such as Solange Corbeau, Lotti Glitterati, Ginger Julep and Violet Deville, to belly dancer Katana, and of course producer Scarlett, “Grab Bag!” provides a fair variety of burlesque entertainment.

The highlights of the show were most definitely Iva Handfull, whose precision performance and hyper sexuality is among the best in Seattle, Lotti Glitterati, a Burlesque Starlet in the making, and producer Scarlet O’Hairdye whose in your face attitude was a particular crowd pleaser and whose act was good finish to the show.

As far as back bar entertainment goes, you could do far worse than “Grab Bag!” at The Marsbar, and if you don’t already have plans this Saturday evening, I’d suggest you check it out.  The Marsbar has decently priced drinks, and for its first show Unnatural Redhead Productions has put together a good line up and a consistently entertaining show.

Grab Bag! A Burlesque Revue

Feb 4th @ 8:00pm and 10:00pm.
Tickets $10 at the door.
Boobs Included.

~ Fosse Jack

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Burlesque Double Feature!

Dear Friends and Readers,

February is going to be jam packed with awesome shows to see.  It seems that folks are feeling particularly frisky and amorous what with Valentine’s Day coming up.  That being said there are two shows that I would particularly like to recommend to you, and if you are looking for a night out the best thing about them is that they are Two-Shows-In-One, a bona fide Burlesque Double Feature!

The first is Pinups & Pasties, A Cabaret For Our Troops! The Pinup Angels are partnering up with Bachelor Pad Magazine to bring you a bevy of classic babes and burlesque!  The line-up will include Miss Kitty Baby, Pidgeon Von Tramp, Inga Ingénue, Lydia McLane and more and will be hosted by Bachelor Pad’s own Java!

Vital Statistics: February 18th at The Re-Bar; Doors 7:30pm/Show 8:00pm; Tickets:; $12 Advance or $15 at The Door. (Proceeds of the show benefit The Pinup Angel’s care package efforts and USA troops near and far!)

The second follows right on the tassels of Pinups & Pasties! Fosse’s Follies ~ Boys! Bois! Boyz! This Boylesque Revue is brought to you by Jack & Wood Productions and Sir Eddie Van Glam.  This celebration of ‘boydom’ will explore many of the myriad aspects of boylesque, from both the male and female points of view!  The performers with include: Sir Eddie Van Glam, EmpeROAR Fabulous, Mitzy Sixx, Man Johnson, Dominick, Bolt Action, and me, Fosse Jack; and to wrangle all these rowdy boyz, we have Daddy le Deviant!   

Vital Statistics: February 18th at The Re-Bar; Doors 10:00pm/Show 10:30pm; Tickets:; $12 Advance or $15 at The Door. (%15 of tickets sales of Fosse’s Follies will be donated to Fosse’s charity of choice: Lambert House.)

Now what is this Burlesque Double Feature you mentioned Fosse? Well its quite simple, it’s Two Shows For $20!  What more it’s the perfect burlesque night for boy & girl couples! Ladies take your Boys to see the Pinups, and Gentlemen take your Girls to see the Boyz!

We would love to see you there, it is bound to be a highly entertaining evening!

~ Fosse Jack

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Velvet Stage

Velvet is a private club in the Sodo-District that offers an aesthetically unique and genuinely Seattle experience that is perfect for private and corporate events. 

Reclaimed from a once abandoned warehouse space, two blocks South of Safeco Field, Velvet combines the rustic qualities of Pacific North West hardwoods, gritty, Old Seattle locale with the softer Old World charms of rich velvets, candlelight ambience and elegant artwork.

It is like stepping into a New Orleans bordello or the boudoir of one of Old Seattle’s Seamstresses.”

As a private club, Velvet is capable of catering to your individual needs.  Whether you simply seek a sultry Seattle locale to host your party, or are interested in putting together a raucous affair with full service bar and food catering, Velvet can help make your vision come true.

Furthermore, Velvet is uniquely positioned to provide a wide variety of entertainment, both tame and exotic to those who would like to spice up their events!  With extensive connections throughout Seattle’s rich and vibrant artistic community, Velvet can help you line up entertainment from circus arts and aerialists, DJs and dancers, vocalists and musicians, to some of Seattle’s finest burlesque artists.

Entertain your guests with a choice artist or two, or simply have one of Velvet’s fine DJ connections provide ambiance and dance music to help facilitate social interactions and liven up your event. 

Looking to entertain your guests with a full blown show?  Talk to us.  Our artistic team would be happy to work with you to design a full program that will keep your guests talking long after the event is past!

Velvet is located at 1701 1st Avenue South, Seattle WA; Second Floor (stair access only).  Parking is available (and free) at the back of the building. 

Looking for more information?  Want to see the space for yourself?

Call: 206-380-9576

Personal Note:

The first time I walked into Velvet, I nearly started crying.  It was like stepping into a dream, and I am convinced that I am not the only person to feel this way, indeed I am sure that you will too once you experience it for yourself.

It is all class, and charm, grit and rusticity all at the same time.  It is the perfect Seattle venue; smart, sexy, independent and determined to be its own thing.  Don’t believe me, see for yourself!

Fosse Jack

MOD CAROUSEL in Sinner Saint Burlesque's Winter Guests Extravaganza

Okay, so there are times when writing a review of a show is difficult.  One is when you are friends with the performers and the show is not very good (not applicable).  Two is when you are a bit intoxicated (admittedly applicable).  Three is when the you are friends with the performers and they are so good that they blow your minds (very applicable!).  If any or all of these are true is it almost impossible to be objective, there for, I'm not going to try.

MOD CAROUSEL's performance at The NocNoc tonight was f*ing awesome!  A show about three super sexy super heroes fighting a 'trio' of pop-diva vixens that would turn half of Seattle's Drag Queens green with envy?  How could this not be amazing?  Well it couldn't, because it is amazing!

Okay, forewarning, my Boy calls me "Puddles" for good reason... this puddle is just for Mod Carousel.  ;-)

The Luminous Pariah has been among my top favorite male performers ever since I saw him perform at Magnum, four years ago (ish).  His comedic timing, showmanship and daring would be enough make him amazing.  Add that on top of a smoking hot body?  Okay... a reviewer should maintain objectivity... not objectify.  Two different things.  But it's true.  Luminous takes the Drag art-form and makes it his own.  He lip syncs, and struts about in outrageous costumes, but he is really smart about.  I already think David Attenborough adorable, but thanks to Luminous... well I might need my Sweetie on hand next time I watch The Life of Birds.

The Paris Original made me cry the first time I saw him perform.  Few women, let alone men, have such mastery of the emotional element of ballet as Paris does, and his skill en pointe is breath taking.  What more he blends prima ballerina poise with go-go boy's abandon and that is something even fewer people can do!  So whether he is selling a soul wrenching piece of choreo or making me laugh myself silly with a sly look and boyish grin I adore this performer, and am constantly in awe of his skills.

Trojan Original, the "Strong Man" of this super trio is a bon-a-fide stud muffin.  With the bravado a premier danseur and the talent to back it up, Trojan is a delight to watch.  He is what would happen if a cartoonist captured the disciplined essence of Baryshnikov and the campy styles of a self-aware Schwarzenegger.  On a side note, few hetero-guys can do what Trojan does with impunity.  I'm serious, a lot of straight guys in burlesque, make straight guys in the audience uncomfortable.  Trojan knows how to play his audience.  He tugs at the... um, heart strings, of straight women and gay men, and makes straight boys laugh their asses off, cause he's just that good.

Okay so anyone who has heard me gush over one or all of these boys knows that I have a huge crush on each of them, but let me tell you that after tonight that crush extends to their female member as well.  Leeni, the hostess and chanteuse of the evening was amazing, and played the roles of three different drag queens with the flare of a true musical theatre maven.  I haven't felt this way about a girl since I watched Megan Mullaly perform in Young Frankenstein.  Great stage presence, great voice and excellent versatility.  Brava diva!

And no I didn't forget you Dona, sweetie! Dona De Cuori, the lovely lass whose task it is to hold down her the fort while her Sisters are off in London rocked it tonight.  Dona's blend of dancer and comedienne is solid, and highly enjoyable, and her acts fit beautifully into the story line.  Win!

Okay, gushing done, artistically this was a very good show.  The individual choreo was superb and even though the physicality of the three male performers did not sync up perfectly in the group numbers, their dedication and joy in the art forms did.  As for the show as a whole, it is one of the better examples of a theme show, woven through story, that I have seen in a long time.  The individual acts, pulled from existing repertoire were easy to see in the new light of Leeni's comic book plot line.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me seriously recommend this show.  Well as seriously as I can knowing that their is only one more chance to see it and I want to go again.  :-)  Next Thursday at The Noc Noc.

Fosse Jack

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Upcoming Shows to Start the New Year!

Happy New Year Dear Ones!

So after a tumultuous end to 2011, I am back and am excited to make my first post of 2012. What better way to start off the New Year with a sneak peak at an upcoming show? Well a sneak peak at several upcoming shows, of courses!

The first coming up is the closing night of DARK MATTER, Sinner Saint Burlesque’s latest burlesque revue. Thursday night will be the last performance of this run, and the last time you will get to see the Ladies of SSB before they jet-set to London for a 2 month run at The Brickhouse! Join host Delilah, and performers Evilyn Sin Claire, Lady Tatas, Jesse Belle-Jones, and Polly Wood as they explore the darker side of the universe, world, and femininity.


I know you are asking yourselves: What?! The luscious ladies of Sinner Saint Burlesque are going to be gone for TWO MONTHS? What will we do on our Thursday’s nights? Well the answer is simple, you are going to keep going to SSB’s weekly revue and see some pretty awesome guest artists

! To start this extravaganza of Sinner Saint’s Friends and Family will be another of Seattle’s hottest troupes: MOD CAROUSEL!

Join the Luminous Pariah, the Paris Original, the Trojan Original, and the lovely Leeni, with SSB’s Dona de Cuori rounding out the line up with those luscious hips and shapely legs! With so much sexiness on stage, this is a show you don’t want to miss!


Finally, one more show to put on your calendar will be your first chance to see me performer this year! Resolutions: A Burlesque and Drag Review Show is the lasted production by Vixen Valentine and Beatrice Belladona. This one is going to be a performer’s choice show, so anything could happen. The lineup includes: Vixen Valentine, Beatrice Belladona, Ursula Major, Sara Dippidty, Chesty LaRue and more. And hosting this grab bag of burlesque will be The Glamorous Gal With The Golden Gullet, Gams Galore!

Resolutions: A Burlesque and Drag Review Show

A lot can and will happen this year so make sure you get out and make the best of it! Hope to see you at one or all of these shows!


~ Fosse Jack