Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lily Verlaine's Nightcap

Lily Verlaine is the personification of an Eros kissed Terpsichore… Seattle is lucky to be graced with a whole contingent of Burlesque Muses (Miss indigo Blue, Misster Waxie Moon, and others); but the goddess of dance has always held a special place in my heart and so too does Miss Verlaine. The short and sweet burlesque show, Lily Verlaine’s Nightcap at the Triple Door was by far one of the most satisfying shows I have seen in a while. Not surprising as Lily has a tendency to breathe divinity into every show she touches.

I’m sorry… is my fan boy showing?

The show opened with Lily herself performing a beautiful piece in a sea-foam colored ensemble (by Danial Hellman, whom I had the pleasure of being seated next to), and yards upon yards of black feathered strands. The number was classically beautiful, sensual and luxurious, without a hint of lewdness; a perfect opener and a great way to warm up an audience (in more ways than perhaps?).

Enter, Seattle’s premiere fancy lady, Ben De La Crème the hostess of the evening. As with Lily, I fell in love with Ben the first time she walked onto stage; clad only in her curly blonde hair, nude body suit, and Edenic innocence. Ben’s sense of comic timing, and brand of self-deprecating/suggestive humor make for a stellar emcee performance.

Moving on.

Nightcap marked the first opportunity I have had to watch Fuchsia Foxx perform. Now folks, I am ‘gayer than laughter’ to quote R&H, but there is something about belly dance that strikes a primal chord in me; and The Hot Pink Exotic Machine struck that chord beautifully. Her physical mastery is truly breathtaking, and left me a little hot under the collar.

Speaking of physical mastery brings me to the next performers: The Aerialistas! I have seen these acrobatic angels perform on a number of occasions and they never fail to impress. Their triangular trapeze act was fantastic, and later on Miss Stella Framboise’s solo performance on the silks was equally beautiful.

The fierce feline Kitten La Rue is another performer that I have enjoyed watching in the past. Mind you I have a soft spot for furry numbers, so it is little wonder that I truly enjoyed this ‘pussy’ cat’s work. Oh and her hula hoop work was amazing!

Now forgive this gay boy’s gushing over the next act, hands down my favorite of the evening. The pas de trios between the Luminous Pariah, Paris Original and Trojan Original was by far the HOTEST thing I have ever seen on stage. Combining a modernesque style of acrobatic dance, brilliant storytelling, and stunning sensuality, this trio performed at a level I would not be surprised to see in Zoomanity or any other Cirque spectacular.

I have seen Pariah perform before and am always impressed by his creativity and mastery of execution; and have had the pleasure of seeing Paris perform in House of Thee Unholy III where I was smitten by his grace and fluidity. Trojan (Paris’ brother) was a new and delightful experience, bring a solidity and sense of grounding to the other two performers. Three awesome parts combined to make a truly exceptional piece of art. You will go far gentlemen, together or separate you have the talent to make it as far as you choose to go. Tonight you blew my mind (and almost made other things blow) and I applaud you!

The evening closed of course with a nightcap performance by Lily Verlaine and special guest Mr Ernie Von Schmaltz (who also appeared in Lily's second number, a ballet class gone wild!). A delightfully suggestive piece involving strands of pearls, a satee, silken sheets, a champagne bottle, cigarette and mustache… if you haven’t seen it then let your imagination run wild.

As I said before as truly satisfying evening, one that I wish I could relive again. Brava divas!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Benefit for the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation

On Saturday, January 16th,2010, EmpeROAR Fabulous!!! will be producing, performing in, and emceeing “EmpeROAR Fabulous!!! presents: Fresh Air”, A Benefit for the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation in loving memory of Josie Moggia. The show will feature a cast of 22, performers who have refreshing takes on their art form, as well as some fresh new faces ready to make a mark on the Seattle scene. All proceeds will go to the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation.

Music will be supplied by Funk/Soul/R&B band Soul Kata, Holly Small, Stella Rose, and EmpeROAR Fabulous!!!. The evening will also feature Seattles Premiere Fancy Lady, Ben DeLaCreme. Burlesque and Boylesque performances will be furnished by local luminaries Ultra, Lucky Penny, Iva Handfull, Roxie Moxie, Jacqueline Hyde, EmpeROAR Fabulous!!!, Queen Clam, Scandal from Bohemia & Hoi Polloi, Jean du Jour, Pinky Shines, Wiggy Stardust, and Mickey Doe Eyes. Fosse Jack and Grahamorous will be having their Boylesque debuts.

The show will be held Saturday, January 16th, 2010, at The OddFellows West Hall, 915 E. Pine Street in Seattle. Doors will open at 8, with festivities beginning at 9, and going past midnight. Advanced tickets can be purchased for $20 at or $25 at the door.

EmpeROAR Fabulous!!! is a Seattle based Singer-Songwriter, Boylesque Performers, Event Producer, and Instructor. He has been seen on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”, and has performed in Paris, Rome, Vancouver, and extensively in Seattle. He was a panelist at BurlyCon ’09, a National Burlesque Convention, and teaches private musical and performance lessons. He has produced several sold out events in the Seattle area.