Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jack & Wood 1st Anniversary Special!!!

Meine fruende! Mes amis! Dear Friends!

Seven O'Clock, on Monday, February 28th, at The Jewelbox Theater and Rendezvous in Bell Town, The Jack & Wood Show will be celebrating its One Year Anniversary!  That's right, our little show has hit it's first annual mile stone. It will be an evening of drama, comedy, music, dance and burlesque hosted by Fosse Jack, and Seattle's Tinseled Tart, Polly Wood, and it is shaping up to be one of the most varied, and decandently filled shows we've done to date!

This month we are featuring the sketch work of commediene and singer Talula Von Luptuous, reprising two of our favorite sketchs (including a segment of the hysterically funny salon sketch, Time for a Blowjob?) and offering up a new piece as well.  Oscars' parody perhaps? We shall see!  Jack & Wood's "Kinky Kindergarten Teacher", Miss Trixie Potter will be returning to the stage to delight us with "story time."  And Talula herself with offer up a piece of classically sexy musical theater.

Helping us celebrate our anniversary is one of Polly's troupe mates, and dear friends, the woman whom I claim as my burlesque fairy godmother, The Modern Sexual Intellectual, Miss Jesse Belle Jones! Miss Jones will be bringing both a piece of sizzling burlesque and sharing with us a fantastically funny tribute to a fantastically funny performer.  I won't ruin the surprise so you'll have to come see it for yourself!

All of this and more will grace our program as we make a toast to another year of Jack & Wood.  We hope to see you there, and we hope you pass this invitation on to your friends!

With Love,
Fosse Jack
Seattle's Limelight Loverboy

The Jack & Wood Show: A Neo Vaudevillian CabaretMonday, February 28th
Door 6:45; Show 7:00pm
Tickets: $10 at the door

Produced by Jack & Wood Productions
Brought to you in partnership with...

The Rendezvous2322 2nd Ave, Seattle WA

Friday, February 4, 2011

SSB: Forces of Nature

Forces of Nature, the show currently running at the Noc Noc on Thursday nights is a tour de force for the ladies of Sinner Saint Burlesque.  Featuring a mix of new material, and a few old favorites, this show is sure to please their regular crowds as well as any newcomers. Hosted by Elsa Von Schmaltz, regular host of Seattle's NGR, this show is all about nature, the elements and the primal energy of the women on stage.

From SSB's newest member, Dona Dei Cuori demonstrating the effect that gravity has on apples... and brassieres, to its most senior member, Evilyn Sin Claire personifying the delicate beauty and raw sexual energy of spring, each member of Sinner Saint brings something unique to the table.

While each act, from Elsa's Bollywood performance, to Jesse Belle Jones' search for the perfect aphrodisiac, were superb, three numbers in particular are worthy of special attention. 

The first is a classic strip tease, by Lady TaTas, who steps on stage in a full length mermaid gown. A scintillating array of orange and yellows dazzling our eyes, and a billowy blue parasol lends the image of sea foam.  From her dress, and parasol various examples of vibrantly colored sea life are plucked off teasingly and tossed to the side.  At one point, from her cleavage she pulls... well I'll let it be a surprise, but if you sit in the front row you might find yourself moistened.  Embodying the vibrant life of a coral reef, Lady TaTas channels the energy of the sea with such conviction that even a pasty malfunction cannot distract her from the joie de vivre.

The second number of note, performed by Polly Wood, is a Graham-esque modern dance piece embodying the endless, whirling energy of a hurricane.  Though she remains "fully clothed" through the entire piece, Polly gives hints, and glimpses of her nakedness beneath the flowing circular dress that hangs gracefully from her body.  While not "burlesque" as it is typically understood this is a beautiful tribute to the art forms that have gone before and influenced the movement of neo-burlesque.

The third number is by SSB's own Wild Child, Evilyn Sin Claire. It is a number dedicated to one of the more powerful geologic forces in the world, the volcano.  Evilyn smolders, smokes, erupts and flows, following in the arc of her act, the threat, explosion and cool down of a great volcano.  Elements of her extensive belly dance background show through, as her hips, moving in a thick, fluid motion, give the audience the vision of a lava flow.  The use of beautiful flame colored fans provides an exiting flurry of motion and color, giving us a volcanoclastic explosion.  Finally, her majesty revealed, the volcano rests, but the subtle plumes of smoke remind us that she is not yet dormant.

There was a fourth act, performed by Jesse Belle Jones, that was particularly striking to me, and is likely my favorite of the piece performed over the course of the evening, but its place among the Forces of Nature still eludes me.  Described as "crumbling" this piece featured elegant and torturous isolations, beautiful extensions, and a sparkling jewel studded gown.  It seemed to be to embody the entropic forces of the world, or perhaps it represented the constant struggle and balance of the cosmos, stars and other forces pulling upon each other.  There were elements of pain in the body language, but not pain cause by decay, rather the pain of creation.  Or perhaps I am reading too much into it.  I have been promised by Ms. Jones to be let in on mind behind the act, and until then it will be the mystery of the Forces of Nature that I will ponder longest.

As anyone who reads my blog will tell you, I am an SSB fanboy, perhaps my praise of the show is biased, regardless I strongly encourage you to see Forces of Nature while it is playing.

Fosse Jack

The NocNoc, Down Town Seattle

Sinner Saint Burlesque