Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Checking In!

Dear Ones,

It has been quite a while since I last made an appearance at The Scarlet Curtain.  Life has called on me to focus elsewhere for a time, and for awhile to come as well, but I thought I would check it quickly.  I haven't forgotten all of my dear, sweet friends and readers in the Burlesque Community!

I have a few things in the works.  Working on plans to further re-vamp The Jack & Wood Show with Polly Wood, some new duets included!  I'll be performing my Captain Jack act at Behind the Blue Door in July.  If you are a Doctor Who fan, you won't want to miss this show!  Last year was great, and I have a feeling this year will be even better.  I'll have more info soon!  And finally, I am super excited for the return of Burlesco Divino later this summer!

I am also hard at work making sure that attendees at this years BurlyCon are going to have some fabulous opportunities to learn, share and grow!  I'll release information about presenters, guests and so forth as they become public, so stay tuned!

Finally, I want to send warmest wishes and cheers of joy and pride to fellow performers representing Seattle at The Burlesque Hall of Fame this year/weekend!  Sydni Devereaux will be competing for Queen of Burlesque, and BOTH Waxie Moon and Paris Original are competing for King of Burlesque!  Also Trojan Original and Iva Handful are further representing as performers and innovators!  I couldn't be happier, unless I was there in person to cheer them on!

While Twitter and FB will be abuzz this weekend with hundreds of updates, be sure to check on BHoF's website as well.  This organization is doing lots of good work, keeping old traditions alive, performers remembered and adored, and helping to usher in the new!

If you want some of the hottest updates I would recommend following: Sir Eddie Van Glam, Miss Polly Wood, and Miss Indigo Blue on Twitter!

Well that is all for today.  I promise my I'll update again soon!

~ Fosse