Monday, April 23, 2012

The Boyz Are Back!

Coming to the REBAR on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012, Jack & Wood Productions and Sir Eddie Van Glam will bring you the return of:

Boys! Bois! Boyz! 
A Boylesk Revue

This installment of Boyz! will include Fosse Jack, Sir Eddie Van Glam, and newcomer to the boylesque stage Sir Andrew Stallion and will be hosted by comediene and burlesque artist, Flirty Sanchez!  Furthermore we are thrilled beyond words to announce that Seattle's own, "international gender-blending queer lady boylesque performance-art stripping sensation", Miss/ter Waxie Moon will be joining us!

Boys! Bois! Boyz! is set to open its doors at 7:30pm on Wednesday, May 23rd, and set the show rolling at 8:00pm.  General Admission will be $12 at the Door, with VIP tickets going on-sale (online only) starting Wednesday, May 9th.

More information to come, so stay tuned!

~ Fosse Jack

Note from the Producers:
We are currently looking for a couple of performers to round out our cast list, and if you are interested please feel free to contact  Male, female, transgender, it doesn't matter, we are happy to celebrate all aspects of boydom!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Boom Boom L'Roux's Late Night Revue 4/20

This past Friday night saw the second of three late night burlesque variatae shows occurring this spring at The Triple Door.

Boom Boom L’Roux’s Late Night Revue was hosted by local personality Vincent Drambuie, and featured the talents of the producer, Miss Boom Boom L’Roux, herself, Canadian transplant Lola Lockheart, the fearless, Jenny Penny, Emerald City burlesquers Persephone Illyri, and The Luminous Pariah, and the one and only ‘Yodeling Dominatrix’, Manuela Horn.

The Luminous Pariah and Manuela Horn were the high points of the show.  As a long time Luminous fan, it was a pleasure to see him on the big stage again.  Some artists really shine when they have the space to fill and the freedom to move and he is definitely among them.  Also I burlesque narrated by David Attenborough may be my favorite thing ever.  It was my first time seeing the yodeling dominatrix (well on stage), after hearing about her from other artists and her appearance on America’s Got Talent, and seeing an impromptu song and spanking at a friend’s birthday party.  I was super excited for this opportunity, and the sexy, graceful giantess that she is by no means failed to impress.  'Highway to Yodel' may also be one of my favorite things.
Aside: The Luminous Pariah can be caught around town, but next week leaves for a two month tour with his troupe Mod Carousel.  The foursome (which includes The Original Twins, Paris and Trojan, and the Incomparable Leeni) will be stopping in New York and then jetting across the pond to tour Europe.  Manuela can be found as a regular performer at Teatro Zinzanni.  Both can be found on Facebook, and I think you should look them up.

As a host, Vincent Drambuie’s material is tried and well used.  His approach to hosting is a blending Bob Hope style stand-up comedy and unabashed lasciviousness.  His jokes aren’t particularly funny, a fact that he is unashamedly self-referential about, but his commitment to the material and genuine appreciation of the artists he works with, is what makes him good at what he does.

Persephone Illyri’s performances were very pretty, though the material of her second piece was a little confusing.  I loved the dress, the song, the rocking horse, and even the knife play but didn’t understand how they fit together.  Lola Lockheart’s first act was simple and cute, though I think she would benefit from a slightly heftier boa, size does matter when burlesque props are considered. It is all about finding what size works for you! Also, I don’t want to be harsh, but I do need to say, I felt that her vocal selection in act two was ill picked.  It’s a fun song and if you nail it can be show stopper, but it kind felt like she was the nail and the song the hammer.

Jenny Penny’s acrobatic number with performance partner… I didn’t catch his name, was a great take on a classic, old fashioned routine.  They took material that I have seen done at ‘full speed’ and slowed it way down.  You got to see the mechanics of each trick, which was cool, and with the music choice, the routine became sexy.  A simple decision but one I haven’t seen often.  Her fire act was fun, but didn’t quite fill the space.  I would have loved to see her take advantage of the big stage.

As for Boom Boom herself, her style of performance is straightforward tease (at least this selection).  Her contact with the audience is excellent, and she draws things out, going through movements slowly and sensually.  Confident and congenial, Boom Boom L’Roux is a pleasure to watch perform.

All acts considered, this was not the strongest lineup that I have seen at The Triple Door, but it was a promising one.  Boom Boom L’Roux has only recently moved into producing shows on this scale.  With time and a little more practice I believe she will grow into the big stage, and that time may come soon!  Her May lineup is promising and includes: blues artist Lydia Decarllo, the Exposing Composer, EmpeROAR Fabulous!!!, and The Temptress of Taipei, the Shanghai Pearl.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I want to encourage you to check out the third and final (for this season at least) production of Boom Boom L’Roux’s Late Night Revue, which will take place on Friday, May 18th, show at 11:30 (21+), doors open at 11:00pm.  Tickets are not available yet, but should go online within the next week or two.  Until then check out the performers I’ve listed above, see what you’ve missed and how to take advantage of others opportunities.  You can find Boom Boom L’Roux on Facebook, and Twitter @BoomBoomLRoux.

Oh, a tip concerning The Triple Door.  Be prepared to wait.  Things rarely start on time at this otherwise splendid Downtown venue.  The serving staff is friendly and responsive, and the shows are worth seeing but unless you actually like the band playing the Musicquarium, standing in line for 30-40 minutes can be somewhat painful.  Just my opinion but I figured I’d share it.

~ Fosse Jack

Friday, April 6, 2012

Behind the Pasties: A Burlesque Mockumentary

For the next five weeks you have the opportunity to experience an artistic experiment as conceived by Seattle’s longest running weekly burlesque revue.  Sinner Saint Burlesque, at The Noc Noc, is branching out, theatrically speaking, with a new, entertaining and highly promising show.

Behind the Pasties: A Burlesque Mockumentary gives the audience a peak behind the scenes of Sinner Saint Burlesque.  Host Diva le Deviant dialogues with the audience and with ‘BQ1 interviewer’ Aman, the Chocolate Boy-Wonder, about the history, pre-show rituals, inner secrets and foibles of this troupe of glittering artists.

The audience is told the tale of how Evilyn Sin Claire became known as ‘The Wild Child.’ We are shown how Dona De Couri overcame her insecurities, and like in the story of the ugly duckling, discovered her own beauty, and glamour.  We learn a bit about the secret kinks of the Debutante of Derriere, Lady TaTas, and are made privy to the hard work and the various trials that burlesque artists undertake in training, glamorizing and making their onstage personas… stick.  And for last night's audience, we were given a "where is she now" look at one of SSB's former Sweet Hearts, the 'Martha Graham of Hip Hop', Randi Rascal.

On the surface, Behind the Pasties is standard fare for those who have become accustomed to Sinner Saint’s work.  The individual performances are well executed, sexy, fun and appropriately rhinestoned.  Diva le Deviant is her usual, “Bitch in Charge” self, full of biting wit, and good-natured, over-sexed humor.  Fellow performers, and those intimately connected to burlesque artists will be rewarded with some humorously acted inside jokes, and asides.  In fact the addition of comedic tableaus and mini sketches were my favorite parts of the show.

The emcee-interviewer dialogue added depth to the audience experience, as did, the participation of audience members in a ‘love poem’ from SSB to their fans.  These together with Diva's 'motherly' and affectionate overtures to the audience gave the show the feel of Roxie’s parting line from Chicago, “Thank you, we could not have done it without you!”

Look a little closer, and you might find that ‘Behind the Pasties’ is not yet a finished product.  It is an experiment, or test run, a first draft of something really awesome in the making.  While it is a fun and entertaining show in its current state, it is my hope that the ladies of Sinner Saint Burlesque will continue to develop this show.  I would love to see more history (or comedic pseudo-history), more group sketch work, and eventually I would love to hear the individual voices of the Sinner Saints themselves.

I would encourage Seattle burlesque fans, and fellow performers, to check this show out.  Sinner Saint Burlesque is an ongoing part of Seattle burlesque history. It is due to both the hard work and dedication of the artists, and the love of viewers like you that theirs is a story of success.

Sinner Saint Burlesque performs every Thursday night at The Noc Noc, in Downtown Seattle. Behind the Pasties will run for another five weeks.  For more information you can check them out at  As a self-declared SSB fanboy, I don't ask you take my word for it, but I do ask you to see for yourself.

~ Fosse Jack