Monday, August 29, 2011

Upcoming Shows: Sinner Saint Burlesque

My name is Jim and I’m a Furry.

You might say that the first step in exploring your kinks is to admit you have them. I’m gonna admit the hell out of mine!

I’m a Furry. I use words like yiff, yiffy, scritch, pounce, paw and furpile. I have a fursona, a fictional incarnation of my inner critter. His name is Ash, and he’s a Vulpine. I think Anthros are sexy. When gene-tech is advanced enough I am seriously considering getting a tail, an upswept little number that matches my hair… the verdict is still out on the sheath… that’s a bit more ‘re-constructive’ than I’m ready to tackle.

Anyways, do you get it? Do you understand what a Furry is? Do they scare you? Well they shouldn’t because we aren’t scary. We’re a friendly bunch, and for the most part are yiffers not fighters.

If you understand my kink, you’ll better understand my excitement as I recommend Sinner Saint Burlesque’s next show: ANIMALIA!

SSB first performed the show about a year and a half-ago and my boyfriend and I went to see it (Qevin’s a total Furry too). We loved it. Seeing some of my favorite ladies rocking fur, feathers, scales and what have you, will be something I will always remember, and my tail is wagging furiously at the thought of seeing this show again.

From Jesse Belle-Jones’ purr-worthy, puma, to Lady TaTas delightfully goofy flamingo, and Polly Wood’s adorable fruit bat, to Dona de Couri’s own take on history, and Evilyn Sinclaire’s celebrity impersonation, it’s gonna be a yifftastic furpile of burlesque babes!

What’s even cooler is that, according to my intel, Flirty Sanchez is hosting this run. If you haven’t seen Flirty host, you should! She is amazing and I am really looking forward to seeing what she comes up with. Will she rock an inner critter? I hope so, cause I want to see what hers is! I’m thinking Coyote, personally but we shall see!

So ladies and gentlemen, friends and lovers, I do hope you get to see Sinner Saint Burlesque Present ANIMALIA! It opens this Thursday night, 9:30pm and will run for several weeks at The Noc Noc, Downtown. (Tixs are $15 at the Door.)


Fosse Jack

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Behind the Scarlet Curtain - Beebo Brinker Pulp Cabarets

I sit in the empty room of ACT’s Bullitt Cabaret. I am early. It is not unusual, I’ve been early all my life. I like it this way. I like the chance to sit in a lonely room, with only the shadows of performances gone by to keep me company. It is a special time for me, who so longs to be among others, to find peace in a moment of solitude.

I think back on last night, the opening of this wonderful cabaret series I have had the fortune to be a part of. I think back to the laughter, the cheers and applause, and most gratifyingly the rapt silence. It is a wonderful thing to remember. It is not solely what is on stage however, that will make these memories special. It is the interactions backstage that I cherish above all. To have moments with those I love, and moments where I come to love others, is a blessing that in this uncertain age is more precious than petroleum.

From snuggling with my dear friend Polly Wood on the chaise backstage, to talking shop with Jesse Belle-Jones and Lady Tatas, enjoying some mutual “love, love” with Diva Le Diviant, and getting to know one of my burlesque idols, Ms. Lilly Verlaine, I will always treasure the memories of the Beebo Brinker Cabarets!

(written on 26 August 2011)

The experience with Beebo Brinker, first at Re-Bar and then this past weekend at ACT, has been a wonderful blessing in my life. Through it I have come to know individuals within the community better, come to see friends become dear friends, and learned more of and participated in ‘queer history.’

In meeting Ms. Ann Bannon last night, I was introduced to a part of history that I had never before known. Yes I have known older gay men, but they have rarely spoken of those days. Perhaps it is harder for them to remember. But to meet a pioneer, a woman strong enough and brave enough to at first be a part of it, and then to relive it, that is truly special.

I would like to thank Katjana, Donna and Sasha for this amazing opportunity. I would like to thank Leslie and Lauren, and our Stage Kittens for all of their hard work. I would like to thank Donna and Rhonda for making our scene HOT, and I would like to thank everyone who came to see the show. It would not have been possible without you. Thank you all, and thank you to the wonderful performers who shared this opportunity with me: Fuschia, Lily, Polly, Jesse, Tatas, Angel, EmpeROAR, and everyone else.

Finally, I must thank Ann for having the courage to do what she did. Because of you and those like you, I need not feel ashamed of the Love that I CAN name.


~ Fosse Jack

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Upcoming Shows: rePRODUTION!

As you know this has been a chaotic year of hesitant steps forward (DADT) and racous slides backward (just about everything else Congress has pulled).  Now in the "American spirit" of rebellious-getting things done-ness, a local powerhouse team of producers: Heidi VonHaught, Randi Rascal and Wiggy Stardust are producing a burlesque benefit for Washington's NARAL Pro-Choice, the state's leading pro-choice advocacy group.

This evening of burlesque and raunchy political satire is in response to recent infringements upon the sexual and reproductive freedoms made by legislaters this past year.  Specifically: the legal redefinition of rape and incest; changes in legislation that encourage violence against abortion providers and allow for misinformation regarding birth control options; and attempts to strip health care providers such as Planned Parenthood of their funding.

The line-up is as diverse as it is talented. Bella Bijoux, Evilyn Sin Claire, Heidi Von Haught, Iva Handful, Jenny PennyRandic Rascal, The Shanghai Pearl, Wiggy Stardust and Reigning Queen of Burlesque 2011, Miss Indigo Blue are the ladies that will be heling you stay a "breast" of current events, politics and reproductive controversies.  Tiny Reedlet's Sexy Puppet Parade will be there (puppet sex!).  And representing the men will be Sylvester Stiffbreeze and the incomparable ladies' man, the myth, the mustache Mr. Ernie Von Schmaltz.

Wow, there are some hot, hot, hotties in this lineup! From the only woman ever to make me want to sit back on my haunches and beg for a treat, to the glam-rock wet dream goddess, to My Leige and Lady?  Yikes.  Gosh, not to mention Sylvester (ladies' I'm envious), and Ernie (I bow before you sir!); this is going to be a crazy show.

And like I said it is for a great cause.  Defending freedom its Seattle Burlesque!

From the makers of That F*cked Up, comes rePRODUCTION! and it is coming up soon, this Friday, August 19th at Theatre off Jackson (ToJ is the place to be this weekend).  The show starts at 8:00pm.  Tickets available at http://www.brownpaperticke​

~ Fosse Jack


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Upcoming Shows: Under Construction

Next Saturday night, at Theatre off Jackson, Discontinued Trim Productions presents a new show that brings together some of Seattle’s hottest fresh faces and established entertainers. This show, called Under Construction, is a mix of burlesque, aerial performance, Bollywood dance (seriously y’all!) and more. As its name implies the show is about performers building, renovating and remodeling themselves. It should be pretty awesome.

Producer and performer, Iva Handfull is the sensuous smarts behind the show, and I am supper excited to see her bring together these artists.  Tamara the Trapeze Lady, Pinky Shines, and Elsa Von Schmaltz represents some Seattle’s sexiest senoras, while Lotti Glitterati, Solange Corbeau and Sir Eddie Van Glam are some of the young guns just starting to make some noise on the scene.

Other performers include: Host Rebecca M. Davis, Nikolai Pirak (he’s one sexy juggler!), and Rebella Revolver. Hottie McNaughty, Foxglove, Renten, Vanadium Silver and Peter McCarthy will also be making appearances.

And if a bunch of superheated mammas, glittery girlies, and hunky boy toys all showcasing their tantalizing talents is enough to get you out to ToJ, then consider the veritable cornucopia of rhinestoned goodies you could shop for! Haute Under the Collar, TwirlyGirl, The Epic Bath and Kelly Brownlee Illustrations will all be vending at this event!

Again, Theater Off Jackson, Saturday August 20th 8pm-10pm show (doors at 7pm). Get you tickets early at: or just hit the ticket booth on your way in!


~ Fosse Jack

Friday, August 12, 2011

Ask Fosse Jack: Burlesque Etiquette

Dear Fosse Jack,

Last night I went to a great burlesque show in Seattle. The performers were working really hard and were really sexy! But it was really hard for me to enjoy the show because the audience was so rude! There were like four parties going on and they wouldn’t stop talking. One large group came in late, made a lot of noise and walked out early. Is there anything you can say to burlesque audiences in Seattle to get them to exhibit some form of common courtesy?


Disappointed In Seattle Spectators' Egregious Disrespect


I agree whole heartedly. There is nothing more disappointing than a good show being hijacked by bad audiences. That being said, I want to assure you that your experience while more common than it should be, is not the Seattle norm. For the most part, Seattle audiences, while more casual and listless than other cities’ theatre going crowds, are relatively polite. They may be hard to get vocally excited, but they appreciate the work performers do on an internal level.

As to your request, I do have some things to tell the average audience member, here in Seattle. The first is a reminder, courtesy of Firefly's Shepherd Book, that there is a very special level of hell, “A level they reserve for child molesters and people who talk at the theater.” Remember Jesus is in the room with you, and he doesn’t like it when your antics distract him from the hot girls and boys taking their clothes off on stage.

This brings me to a comparison. Burlesque is just like any other form of theatrical performance. Yes we take off our clothes. You might talk and be rude to the hard working boys and girls that work at “strip joints” but you are not in a strip joint. You are in a theatrical venue. It may not be as grand as the opera, or the ballet, but it is a theatrical performance none the less. Burlesque performers work hard to produce the product you buy. And just like buying a meal in a restaurant doesn’t give you the right to be ass-holes to your servers, buying a ticket to a show doesn’t give you the right to be douche bags either.

My advice to the aspiring burlesque spectator is to behave like you would in your crazy aunt’s Pentacostal church. Sit or stand when appropriate. Cheer (hell, say amen) loudly when the spectacle evokes it. I would avoid speaking in tongues, most Seattle-ites frown on that, but if the spirit moves you, show your appreciation raucously. Don’t chat with your neighbor, girlfriend, etc when the one up front is talking, singing, telling a humorous anecdote or taking off their clothes. It is rude, and you will, eventually, burn for it.

I hope this helps DISSED, and do feel free to show this to your friends and anyone you feel like taking with you the next time you go to one of Seattle’s glittering plethora of burlesque performances.


~ Fosse Jack

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Upcoming Show: The Best of Beebo Brinker at ACT

I am tickled pink to announce that I have been asked to join the stellar cast for The Beebo Brinker Chronicles' three night engagement at ACT.  First, as an actor, performing at ACT is an awesome milestone for me.  Second, as a burlesquer working with this crowd again makes me feel like a total pro.

For those of you who have not made it to the Beebo Brinker Pulp Cabarets over the past four months, this is you chance to see the best and sexiest acts that have been put together as part of the six-month ongoing theatrical event.

OMG, I just realized that I'll be in the same show as Lily Verlaine! Meep! I'll have to remember to bring a paper bag, cause I just my hyperventilate back stage.

Okay, so back to the main course of this dish.  Headliner Fuschia FoXXX will be there, as will several of the cast members of the actuall play, The Beebo Brinker Chronicles, including Rhonda Soikowski (Beebo Brinker) and Polly Wood (who will be playing Laura).  As Beebo Brinker, Rhonda is one sexy butch.  I mean, she reved my engine a little and thats saying something.  As for Miss Polly Wood; words cannot express how excited I am to see my dear friend on stage in an acting role again. 

The performer list also includes my fairy godmother, the Sexual Intellectual, Jesse Belle-Jones, the Debutante of Derriere, Lady TaTas, and the Exposing Composer, EmpeROAR Fabulous!!! Of course the glitter soaked trifecta of producers: Diva la Diviant, Lyla Le Coeur and Cherry Manhatten will be strutting their stuff.  I did mentiion Lily Verlaine, didn't I.  Swoon.

As for my involvement, come see an encore reading of hot lesbian sex as voiced by a pseudo-twinkie gay male.  I mean come on, how often to you get so get to see something like that?

It's coming up soon friends.  Three nights at ACT, August 25th, 26th and 27th.  Hope to see y'all there!

~ Fosse Jack